Innovative digital transformation discussed at Huawei ICT Day

Huawei ICT Day was held with the theme of ‘Smart, Fast, Innovative’ with the participation of Huawei ecosystem partners and customers.

According to the company statement, Huawei ICT Day was held in Istanbul in cooperation with IDC Turkey. Innovations in digital transformation and infrastructure technologies and data center network technologies were among the main topics of the event. New products and solutions offered by Huawei for different industries were also introduced to the participants.


James Pan, General Manager of Huawei Turkey Corporate Business Group, made the opening speech of the event attended by approximately 300 people. Expressing that how a country or region will develop economically in the future largely depends on how it manages the digital transformation process, Pan said, “In the future, industries will inevitably focus on developing their digital capabilities. The development in digital infrastructure will become the key to incorporating digital technologies into key business scenarios and production processes.”

Frank Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Storage Product Group, stated that he believes the balanced multi-cloud data infrastructure will contribute to the digital transformation experience of enterprises. Noting that according to Huawei data, every business has more than 100 data applications, which doubles on a yearly basis, Zhang mentioned that the issue of data protection should be taken seriously. “Statistics show that the average total cost of recovering from a single ransomware attack reaches $1.85 million in 2021. In addition, green and energy-saving technologies are also extremely important for data storage. data center storage devices, It consumes an average of 300 KV/hour of energy per year per 1 terabyte of capacity. As the data volume increases, the storage power consumption will continue to increase,” he said.


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