Injured health worker with scissors in hospital



BK, who jumped into the sea in Izmir’s Foça district, was taken out by the police and taken to the hospital. BK, who was stated to be intoxicated, injured emergency medical technician Kaan Kanat in the knee with a pair of scissors. While BK, who was caught and detained by the teams, was released after his statement, health workers reacted to the incident.

A person named BK jumped into the sea at around 06:00 in Foça. Those who saw the incident reported the situation to the police teams. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene. BK, who was learned to be alcoholic, was taken out of the sea by the police teams and taken to Foça State Hospital by ambulance. BK, who was treated in the emergency room, attacked the healthcare workers around him with the scissors he was holding. BK was taken out of the emergency room by the police teams. Meanwhile, emergency medical technician Kaan Kanat, who was trying to take the scissors in his hand, injured his knee. It was learned that Kanat, who was taken into treatment, was in good health while 10 stitches were placed on his knee. BK, who was detained by the teams, was released after his statement was taken at the Foça District Police Department.


After the event was heard, Türk Sağlık-Sen İzmirHead of Branch No. 1, Barış Koçak, condemned the attack in a written statement. In the statement, “Despite the law on violence in health, health personnel are exposed to violence while working with devotion. We want the law to be applied without bending and the practice of zero tolerance in health care as soon as possible. The white code was given by our hospital staff and the person was detained. “We, as Türk Sağlık-Sen, want to implement pre-trial detention in cases of violence. We, as Türk Sağlık-Sen, will provide all necessary legal support to our injured friend and will do our best to ensure that the person receives the heaviest punishment. We will follow the process. Our struggle will continue until the violence in healthcare comes to an end.” (DHA)


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