India takes up arms against China

India took delivery of all 36 Rafale warplanes it ordered under the agreement with France in 2016.

The image of the Rafale type fighter aircraft was shared on the Twitter account of the Indian Air Force.


In the post where the phrase “package is complete” was used, it was stated that the last of 36 Rafales landed in India after an aircraft belonging to the United Arab Emirates was refueled in the air.

At the end of the sharing, the phrase “thank you very much” was included in Arabic.

Indian media announced that Rafales, “4.5 generation aircraft”, were delivered with spare parts.

Meanwhile, French Ambassador to New Delhi, Emmanuel Lenain, shared on his social media account that he was proud to see 36 Rafale aircraft with all their equipment in India.



India has deployed 35 Rafale-type aircraft, which it has received so far, in Hasimara city of West Bengal state and Ambala city of Haryana state.

The New Delhi administration signed an agreement with the French defense manufacturer Dassault Aviation to purchase 36 Rafale-type fighter jets worth $9.2 billion in 2016, and the first 5 warplanes were shipped in July 2020.

France then delivered some of the Rafale warplanes piecemeal.

Rafale warplanes became the subject of controversy

The planes in question have continued to be the subject of debate in India since the agreement with France.

The opposition Indian National Congress (INC) argued that the planes, which were negotiated for a lower price during their rule, were purchased for 3 times the price after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014.

The Modi government refused to disclose the price paid for the planes, citing the confidentiality clause in the contract with the French company.


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