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In Japan will open a theme park dedicated exclusively to Slowpoke, the Pokémon


theme park exclusively dedicated to Pokémon. Indeed, to a Pokémon. No it’s not Charizard. And neither is Pikachu. We are talking about Slowpoke , one of the first generation Pokémon and not exactly one of the most charismatic or much loved by fans (unlike other equally harmless little monsters such as Psyduck).


It all started with an old April fool’s joke, which later became a catchphrase on the web. The theme park should be built near Ayagawa, a small town of just 25,000 souls in Kagawa prefecture . Even this choice is not a coincidence and always has to do with the same joke born on April 1, 2018.

April Fools ‘ Day told how Kagawa Prefecture would soon be renamed to Yadon Prefecture (as Slowpoke is called in Japanese) and that Slowpoke would become its honorary governor. Of course there was none of it true.

The prefecture – very famous for its udon – has quickly become a pilgrimage destination for Pokémon fans and in the various cities in which it branches off it is very easy to come across murals dedicated to Slowpoke, as well as manhole covers, decorations and restaurants and bars offering themed menus and drinks.


The theme park – which will be mostly a playground for families – will be inaugurated in April 2023 and hotels and restaurants dedicated to Slowpoke should also be born in the same area.



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