İlker Aycı will help reform Uzbekistan Airways

It has been reported that the former Chairman of the Board of Turkish Airlines (THY), İlker Aycı, will help reform Uzbekistan Airways, the national airline of Uzbekistan.

In the statement, it was stated that Aycı presented his proposals regarding the transformation strategy of the Uzbek airline company to the leading airline in the region, to Mirziyoyev during the meeting.


In his presentation, Aycı informed Mirziyoyev about the transformation and development strategy of Uzbekistan Airways, which was prepared by himself, and within this framework, he made suggestions for the implementation of a corporate management system in accordance with international norms, increasing the number of aircraft, increasing the service quality and expanding the cargo transportation network in the Uzbek airline company.

Mirziyoyev also approved Aycı’s plans for the development of Uzbek airlines, noting that this transformation should be implemented as soon as possible. This is our way,” he said.

It was stated in the statement that Aycı successfully carried Turkish Airlines from the regional level to the global level during his management, and that Uzbekistan Airways has a similar mission today, and that Uzbekistan’s geographical location and sectoral infrastructure will be smartly used to make the country an international transportation hub. was planned to be introduced.

The main goal of reforming the Uzbek airline is to make Uzbekistan Airways the leading regional airline, while also providing citizens with low-cost flights on local and international routes, the statement said.


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