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Iliad takes a step back: 100GB at the price of the old 120GB plan

Iliad takes a step back: 100GB at the price of the old 120GB plan.


Iliad takes a step back. He disappears the popular Flash 120 offer, which as its name suggests offered a generous 120GB package at an all in all competitive price. The offer thus leaves room for the new Giga 100, which offers a 100GB package at the same price as the previous one.


In short, Iliad lost 20GB along the way. However, the price remains unchanged: €7.99 per month, with the possibility of cancellation without penalties and the promise that the price will remain unchanged over the years. The conditions therefore remain unchanged.

Iliad Giga 100 offers unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and 100GB of navigation in 4G and 4G+. No 5G, which must eventually be purchased separately or by choosing a dedicated offer. Iliad also provides 8GB of free roaming. The SIM activation cost is a one-off fee of €9.99.

Iliad frequently changes its offers, which depending on the time of year can be more or less competitive. We don’t know how long it will be possible to subscribe to the Giga 100 plan, but we have a legitimate suspicion that in the future the offer will again leave room for a 120GB plan.


It is not the only offer available, currently it is also possible to subscribe to the Data 300 , Giga 150 and Voice Only plans .



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