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Iliad fiber one step away from 10 million users: the promo service at €19.99/month

Iliad fiber one step away from 10 million users: the promo service at €19.99/month.


Iliad celebrates the 10 million subscribers to its new FTTH fiber service with a decidedly attractive offer. All mobile users with a €9.99 offer will also be able to subscribe to the landline service at a hyper-competitive price: just €19.99 per month , against the €24.99 normally offered in the price list.


Iliad offers an overall download speed of up to 5Gbit/s (Ethernet + Wi-Fi ports). The offer also includes the Iliadbox Wi-Fi 6 , an Iliad router that offers up to 1Gbit/s download speeds with a Wi-Fi connection. The router is controlled using the Iliadbox connect application, which among other things allows you to program the modem to turn off during the night and to set the configurations even remotely.

If you are not already a customer of Iliad, fear not: you can still activate a Giga 150 offer from €9.99 per month and thus receive the right to subscribe to the fiber service at an advantageous price. Those who already have the Giga 150 offer will only have to access the reserved area on the official Iliad website or app.

Those who have one of the other Iliad offers will have the opportunity to switch to Giga 150. At that point they will receive the promotion in their reserved area.



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