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Hyundai is trialling a hotel room service robot


Knock knock, it’s room service . But on the other side of the door is a robot. This is the future of luxury hotels according to Hyundai , which recently unveiled a self-driving bellhop robot.


It will soon enter service – in the testing phase – in some residential complexes and hotels in Seoul , the capital of Korea. If all goes well, in the future PnD – this is the name of the robot – could become a permanent presence in more and more hotels all over the world.

Hotel guests order food and drinks from the comfort of their tablet, using the Kakao Talk application (widely used in Korea, more than WhatsApp), and the robot will then take care of delivering the order to their room. The robot recognizes obstacles and people: for example, it is able to understand if an elevator is too crowded, and therefore if it is appropriate to wait for the next ride. He also knows how to recognize the client’s age: if he is a child he will use a jovial and over the top voice, if he is an adult it will be more formal.

The robot rests on the Plug & Drive modular platform and has a small arsenal of LiDAR sensors and cameras to orient and move independently. In place of the belly there is a compartment for carrying food , drinks and other items. The “face” instead has big LED eyes that give it a charismatic and nice look.



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