Hydra, the oldest dark web ecommerce, closed


The dark web has had the opportunity to be talked about over the years due to many decidedly unpleasant phenomena that have been seen in the maze of this accessible system with relative difficulty. However, among the worst situations in which it is possible to admire there are certainly those of black markets , real illicit places all digitally located where users are able to buy goods of all kinds, which in most cases are highly illegal.


Whether it’s drugs, confidential information and forgettable services, some of these places continue to operate undeterred, but thankfully thanks to law enforcement, it was possible to put an end to the oldest of them. Let’s talk about Hydra , which has actually been a functioning black market since 2015 , and which has now been officially blocked, being dismantled and seized by the German and American police, who collaborated in order to put a stone above the illegal activities carried out for years now.

Together with a forced block of all operations, the police also obtained a digital Bitcoin wallet worth 23 million euros, also managing to charge Dmitry Olegovich Pavlov , a 30-year-old Russian, with conspiracy to drug trafficking and money laundering who apparently found himself in charge of operations. The operation went on for months, and it seems that a total of about 17 million users and 19,000 sellers have registered on the site , truly dangerous numbers which fortunately are of little importance now.

With a blockade of this type on the black market, the web has certainly become a safer place, even if unfortunately there are further alternatives to younger Hydras, with which the police will certainly have to deal with over the next few years. months.


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