Hurricane that hit New Zealand could cost more than $8 billion

New Zealand Finance Minister Grant Robertson said that the cost of Hurricane Gabrielle, which hit the country and killed 11 people, could exceed $ 8 billion.

The devastation caused by Hurricane Gabrielle, which hit northern New Zealand, was great. It is stated that 2,200 people are still missing in the country, where search and rescue efforts continue after the hurricane that was effective last week, while the number of those who lost their lives was announced as 11.


New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, at a press conference, described the hurricane as the most severe natural disaster in the country in the last century, and announced that an emergency package of 300 million New Zealand dollars (approximately 187 million US dollars) was approved to mitigate the effects of the hurricane. Hipkins also extended the state of emergency declared nationwide last week by 7 more days to support search and rescue and relief efforts.

The Country’s Finance Minister, Grant Robertson, Said The Cost Of The Hurricane could equal the $ 13.5 billion (about US$8.42 billion) spent to rebuild Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake disaster .

In the country, which is worried about the increase in the number of deaths, it was learned that the malfunctions in the communication lines negatively affected the search efforts. While 15 Thousand People Were Left Without Electricity Due To The Hurricane , SpaceX decided to send 60 Starlink satellites to the country for communication.


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