Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s call to EP

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the European Parliament (EP) should be restructured and consist of representatives serving in national assemblies.

In his statement at the annual evaluation meeting, Prime Minister Orban said that there was no Hungarian suspect in the corruption investigation in the EP, but that his country was also a member of the European Union (EU), so he did not look at the case from the outside.


MEPs should not be determined by a separate election; Emphasizing that the inspections in national parliaments are more stringent, Orban said, “The EP in its current form should be abolished and the EP should consist of representatives working in national parliaments.” said.

Noting that his party won the elections held on April 3 in the country, despite foreign interference, Orban said, “The election was a real struggle for freedom, the country’s independence and sovereignty had to be preserved because international actors interfered more seriously than ever before in the Hungarian parliamentary elections.”

Orban said that political stability continues in Hungary, that no early elections have been held in the country since 1990, and that such an example has not been found in any other country in Europe.

Emphasizing that his country has managed to stay out of the Russia-Ukraine war so far and that it is very important to preserve this situation in 2023, Orban said, “Partly because there are many Hungarians living in Ukraine, and partly because the war is always bad and people die, Hungary is definitely out of the war. should stay. “People are dying in the war, and more than 100 Hungarians who were recruited into the Ukrainian army lost their lives,” he said.



Noting that the visit to Ukraine is not on the agenda, Orban said that in order to ensure peace between Russia and Ukraine, talks between America and Russia are needed, otherwise, he thinks that peace cannot be achieved.

An agreement was reached between Hungary and Qatar on energy, finance and investment.

Stating that Hungary, Serbia and Austria have established a border defense alliance against irregular migration, Orban said that they want to shift the border defense line from the Serbia-Hungary border to the North Macedonia-Serbia and Serbia-Bulgaria border.

Orban noted that an agreement has been reached between Hungary and Qatar on energy, finance and investment, and that intergovernmental talks will be held in the near future.

Noting that his country met with many countries to reduce foreign dependency in energy, Orban added that they cooperated with Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania on the power line.


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