How To Root Android Phone | How to Root any Android phone | One click ROOT Easy Tutorial

 Hello everyone this article is Consultant Sam here we are with another article in this post we will teach you how to root your android device you can root any of your android device with just one click so most  First you need to open the



Google Play Store and you have to install the root checker application after installation you have to open this application click on coincidence and you have to verify root to check your device.  Click to see if your device is rooted. You can now see that root access is not installed correctly.  Our Android device is not rooted so you have to minus it. Now you have to open Google Chrome or any browser that is on your Android and iOS devices and you have to open after opening  You have to write here.  Download i root apk [Music] and you have to click on search [Music]. Here you will see the first site. All you have to do is download this application from this site. Here you will see the download tab.  Has to click on it again.  Now on download tab you have to save this apk file in your phone and you have to click on download click ok [Music] After downloading the application you have to open this app then click on settings 



You must now enable the installation of the unknown sources you have.  Click on OK to enable Click OK Now you have to click on Next and click on Install and here you will see Blocked by PlayProtect you have to click on the details after installation you  You have to open this application, click on [music] I agree and then you have to click on gate root access then this is the way this application will root your device for that you need your browser.  Open again and here you have to type king.  root [Music] apk you have to find it here you will first see the site you have to click on and then you have to click on the latest version scroll download click then download then click download  Click OK. After download you have to.  Click on op. en Click Settings and then you must allow unknown sources to install this application. Click OK. Now you have to click on Install [Music]. After installation you have to open this application.  Has to swipe up again and then you have to swipe up.  Click on try it [Music] and then you have to click on try to root here. You can see it rooted here. You can see that we have successfully rooted our device. Now we can minimize it. 



And we will open the root checker application and now we will click on verify root so here you can see that our device is now rooted. Similarly by adopting these two methods you can also root any android device.  ۔



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