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 hey guys welcome to live blogger today in this Article  we are going to talk about how to earn money from youtube so let’s get started [Music] you can make money from youtube as a content creator but it’s not easy as it seems because


every single minute 500 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube across the world so the competition is little bit tough and making money online becomes more challenging in this video we will share some strategies so that you can start your earning from youtube become a youtube partner and earn from ads once you become a youtube partner you can earn money from placing ads before the video or you can place google adsense banner ads however there are some guidelines and conditions to become a certified youtube partner as per the youtube ad rules you must have minimum 4 000 video watch hours on your channel in last 12 months and thousand subscribers however it’s not necessary that you only make revenue from youtube by placing ads let’s go further in this video and see some different ways of earning from youtube use affiliate link on youtube promoting affiliate links can be a huge earning opportunity for youtube channel for example if you recommend a product and user visits your link to buy then you’ll start earning commissions you can place these links in your description and speak about your linkedin video content if you want to know


more about affiliate marketing we have already made a video on this topic the link is given in the description another way of earning from youtube is brand sponsorship brand sponsorship is one of the best way to earn money from youtube this is also known as influential marketing if you have a youtube channel and it’s popular and gets good amount of views then you can earn through sponsored videos in this process a company pays you to promote their brand product on your videos but for this you have to mention your email address on your youtube channel so that brand can easily get in touch with you another way of earning from youtube is fan funding youtube partners who have reached 1000 subscribers can enable this monetization feature on their channel after enabling this option a join button will appear on your channel and you have to make transparency among your fan by explaining that what benefits they will get after taking your membership let’s have a look on another way of earning from youtube it’s merchandise sales if your channel is eligible for merchandise then you can show your official brands merge on youtube to make your channel eligible for merchandise sales you have to be 18 plus and this requires


an approved monetization of channel and you must have a youtube partner program your channel should have more than 10 000 subscribers and have not violated channel monetization policies after all these terms and condition of youtube your channel will be eligible to show your merge so these were some popular ways to earn money from youtube okay so that’s all for today’s video if you want us to keep posting such useful content related to blogging and youtube then please do not forget to leave a like comment


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