How to install IMEI Changer Pro and Xposed on Nougat

install xposed framework on this nugget roll so right now we have magic stalled and as you know is passing the safety net but as you know once we install xposed it would not pass this happiness so what we are doing first we have to download the exposed manager which I already downloaded


I’m gonna put the description link in the description so what you once you download and you know where you saved just stalled some known sources you say ok ok stall and then open so this is your export it’s just saying since some cases your device might be longer so you know what you’re doing is said okay they say not installed so you got our nugget seven and you’re gonna put 89 so what you’re gonna do come here install my recovery or what does that mean if you have like tarp and you uninstalled to that term recovery you say okay because this one has apart it’s asking for the root then you say okay reboot to recovery so you’re just gonna hit this we go to recovery it will really boot and it will install it by itself you don’t have to do anything so I have to stop the video because I had to really start the foon so once usually started the foon it will automatically install the framework for export and then it will restart you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to touch anything you will do it by himself and it will come back once they come back you go check and he’s saying is already working inactive so now what you gonna do if you want to stall the I’m I changer I already downloaded so I’m gonna also give the link in the description so what you’re gonna do you stall [Music] open it okay so before we do that what you want to make sure you go to the and then you go here modules and you activate and say you have to reboot to activate so I’m just gonna reboot one more time okay I restart the cell phone one more time and I’m just gonna go under the exposed and go modules and he says is now is activated so it’s good am I so so right now my current dyma is 9 9 bla bla bla bla and if I want to change to whatever


I can change you know 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 1 2 3 he just random numbers so I said ok apply reboot to apply settings so I have to reboot one more time to apply these new I I my number ok I restart one more time so let me go and check so now my current demise is something is 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 so if I want to make sure it is so I go to the dial pad bring the dial pad up and dust her mon-star has strike zero six hash tag and this should bring it no because I don’t have a SIM card that’s wise that’s how you would know what’s your I me right so let me go and check one more place we go to the settings about device state to us information understand that the chunky IMEI number one two three four five six seven eight but if you want to go and back to your no original a my you go back and you say original and applied to reboot so you got a restart your computer cell phone one more time and you will come go back to your original line there so that’s how you change the I am I using this we already have export how I show you order to install that and also now once we have this it will not pass [Music] will fail so we have to disable export so we can pass the safety net so for that we go back and I believe it might work might not work but he can go and say magic score only more robot to apply and let’s see if we really would one more line and see what happens okay we start one more time let’s go if he passed since we disabled under the settings only core board my service boss I don’t think yeah it does not so it would not pass so we have to uninstall the expose then reinstall [Music] if we had to use it to pass the safety net and I will make another video to show how we can uninstall expose Thanks thanks for watching 


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