Hotel fire in Russia: 200 people evacuated

A fire broke out in a hotel where immigrants were staying in Moscow, the capital of Russia. After the flames grew, 200 people staying at the hotel were evacuated.

A Fire Broke out in the morning hours in a hotel called Hotel Hot Sheremetyovo, near the Solnechnogorsk region of Moscow, the capital of Russia .


A large number of firefighters and first aid teams were dispatched to the scene. Authorities reported that 200 people staying at the hotel were evacuated and the fire was brought under control in a short time.

In a written statement from the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, it was reported that the fire was caused by a leak that occurred due to the repair made in the pipe of the fuel tanker in the basement of the building and the pipes not being well connected to each other during the work.

Both The Moscow District Prosecutor’s Office And The Russian Investigative Committee launched an investigation into the fire, which was brought under control .


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