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Horizon Zero Dawn: PS5 Remake may not be in development at Guerrilla


The rumored Horizon Zero Dawn remake may not be in development at Guerrilla Games . This was reported by the well-known insider and journalist Colin Moriarty , a character who has always been rather close to the PlayStation environment and host of Kinda Funny, during an episode of his podcast Sacred Symbols.


We’re assuming that Guerrilla is making this re-release of Horizon Zero Dawn, however, if it really exists, I’ve also heard it’s being worked on by another team.

According to reports from the journalist, therefore, the alleged remake of Horizon Zero Dawn would be reality. According to what was reported, Moriarty would have received confirmation from an anonymous source that there is another studio engaged in the remake of Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5, but he cannot reveal who it is.

At the moment, of course, we have no confirmation regarding the actual existence of the project, so we invite you, as always, to take what is reported with a grain of salt. The rumor about the alleged remake of Horizon Zero Dawn first appeared in October of this year. According to a report by MP1ST corroborated by VGC, Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a  remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn , the first installment in the Horizon series from Guerrilla Games. Also, there is another multiplayer game in development.

The team is currently developing Horizon Call of the Mountain , an episode developed together with Firesprite  and arriving in February at the launch of  PlayStation VR2 . If these projects really exist, surely Sony will start talking about them during 2023 and after the debut of the spin-off in VR.


Sure, the idea of ​​developing a remake of Zero Dawn might seem bizarre given that we’re talking about a title released in 2017 and therefore very recent, but it’s not so absurd that Sony has chosen to pack the definitive edition of one of its IPs flagship, considering its modus operandi in recent years. To find out, however, we will have to wait.

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