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Horizon: Hogwarts Legacy co-developer announces partnership with Guerrilla Games

Horizon: Hogwarts Legacy co-developer announces partnership with Guerrilla Games.


Studio Gobo, the British team known for providing its support for the development of Hogwarts Legacy, has announced that it has made agreements with Guerrilla Games for the creation of new experiences set in the Horizon universe. There have been a lot of talks lately about the arrival of a hypothetical remake of Horizon Zero Dawn and a multiplayer game, so it is likely that the team is already working on one of these projects. Obviously, there is the probability that the team is already working on a brand new chapter, but for the moment we still don’t know which projects are actually in production.


Studio Gobo is a British software house made up of around 110 employees. The directors of the company previously founded Black Rock Studio, creators of Pure and Split/Second. Moving on to the works, we know that the team has worked on Disney Infinity, Hyperscape and For Honor, and most recently contributed to the development of Hogwarts Legacy and  Redfall . The studio has always accepted high-profile work and has now partnered with Guerrilla Games which will see it contribute to the development of other titles in the Horizon series.

To date, however, it is not clear which projects the two software houses will carry out together in the future. The next titles in the series are Horizon Call of the Mountain VR , due out at the launch of PlayStation VR2  in February 2023, while the DLC  Burning Shores will be available on PS5  next April.

Before leaving you, we also remind you that the arrival of the Horizon Zero Dawn TV series was recently announced . The first installment of the PlayStation saga will be adapted into a TV series for Netflix by Steve Blackman, showrunner of The Umbrella Academy.



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