Hope therapy: acting on the trauma of an abortion

Hope therapy: acting on the trauma of an abortion.


Abortion is the most common cause of termination of pregnancy, it can occur intentionally or spontaneously. It is considered a phenomenon with a strong traumatic impact on the women who face it, especially on a psychological level. The consequences of abortion can be traced to factors such as life history, previous mental disorders, other desired or unwanted pregnancies, and social support. 


An effective treatment is hope therapy, it is based, in fact, on hope and cognitive behavioral therapy. It is used to reduce depression and anxiety, and bring about positive changes in cognition. Hope therapy is a mix of cognitive therapy, narrative and solution-oriented therapy. There are two phases: the building of hope and the growth of hope.

A fairly recent study used hope therapy on 52 women who went through abortion. The women were divided into two distinct groups. One given the established treatment and one without treatment. Hope therapy was used for 8 sessions of 45 minutes, twice a week. After performing the statistical analyses, there were higher outcomes of psychological well-being and life in women with hope therapy. This kind of therapy can improve the psychological well-being and quality of life of women with a painful trauma such as abortion. 




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