Hope: first gender neutral feline


Hope is a cat that has been abandoned for a few months and rescued by a voluntary association. After a deep analysis they realized that the cat lacked internal and external sexual organs , male and female. In short, the first neutral feline . Her condition is termed “agenesis of the sexual organs”. The vets stated that she should have no problem having a long and fulfilling life.


We have already heard of hermaphroditism, i.e. animals with both male and female double sexual organs. However, agenesis is an absolute rarity because it attests to the absence of both external and internal sexual organs. It is almost certain that Hope is the first documented case in the history of feline domestication. It is normal to wonder: but then how will he urinate and defecate without problems? The cat has no health problems associated with his condition. Vets think he can have a long and healthy life, even if he won’t be able to reproduce.

Hope was also adopted by Jessi Bennett, an animal behaviourist from Newcastle University who works part time for the charity Cats Protection. The same association that saved Hope. But now her new owner has renamed her Beans. In short, when it comes to love there are no limits and there are no sexual differences… male or female, the cat now enjoys the love of his Jessi!

  • We have discovered the first gender-neutral cat (


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