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Honor, the CEO throws a dig at the Nothing Phone (1)


The CEO of Honor throws a dig at Nothing , the new brand of Carl Pei. The company recently announced that it is working on its first smartphone: the Nothing Phone (1) which will be presented in the summer of 2022.


Zhao Ming , CEO of Honor, is not particularly persuaded by the hype generated by the announcement. Indeed, according to the executive of the Chinese brand, the success of Nothing would be largely unjustified.

Zhao Ming also contests the trend that sees many Chinese brands trying to compete with Apple . “We should have our own identity, not go after American companies,” she added in an interview with a Chinese media outlet.

The CEO reiterated that Honor does not intend to invest in excessively ingenious marketing machines, preferring a more methodical and less hype-centric approach. In short, the company will continue to work on its products behind the scenes, preferring a more traditional and less experimental marketing philosophy.


It is questionable whether Nothing’s strategy will bear fruit. The company recently teased the entire ecosystem of Android manufacturers with an ingenious April Fool ‘s joke . In addition to the smartphone, the company is also working on Nothing OS , a proprietary user interface that should offer a ‘pure’ Android experience free of unnecessary frills. A preview of Nothing OS will be released during the month of April.



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