Honda unveils SENSING 360 and SENSING Elite

The Honda SENSING safety and driver assistance system is available in 99 percent of Honda’s new car models sold in Japan and the United States, and 86 percent worldwide.

Honda introduced SENSING 360 and SENSING Elite, new generation safety technologies. According to the statement made by the company, Honda introduced the new generation security technologies SENSING 360 and SENSING Elite, which it developed with the “Safety for Everyone” approach. For many years, Honda has been working for an accident-free society by continuing the research and development of safety technologies in terms of both hardware and software.


The Honda SENSING safety and driver assistance system is available in 99 percent of Honda’s new car models sold in Japan and the United States, and 86 percent worldwide. The number of vehicles with Honda SENSING feature exceeds 14 million.

Honda, which attaches importance to its work in the field of safety because it is one of its basic approaches, and continues to work in the field of safety, first introduced the Honda SENSING Elite, which has the “Traffic Congestion Pilot” function suitable for Level 3 automatic driving technology, to the market in 2021. Honda SENSING Elite offers advanced recognition and understanding functions achieved by Honda’s original artificial intelligence technologies through next-generation technologies.

Leveraging the knowledge gained with the launch of the Honda SENSING Elite, the Honda SENSING 360 versatile safety and driving assistance system was developed. Honda SENSING 360 uses next-generation technologies that reduce the burden on the driver by detecting unusual conditions occurring in and around the driver to avoid collisions.

New generation technologies of Honda SENSING 360



Along with new generation technologies, new functions will be added to the existing Honda SENSING 360 to reduce the risk of collision and further alleviate the driver’s burden as a result of sensing unusual conditions occurring in the driver and vehicle environment. In this context, new functions to be added to SENSING 360; With the Advanced Hands-Free Lane Driving and Hands-Free Advanced Lane Changing, it is aimed for drivers to have a more comfortable and safe driving experience. Thanks to these functions, the vehicle’s control of the road becomes easier; Warnings for following distance also help the driver.

In addition, when Honda SENSING 360’s system’s requests to transfer control (return control to the driver) are not responded to, the driver’s emergency support system helps the vehicle to slow down and stop in the relevant lane, and a warning to get out of the vehicle that informs the passenger with notifications so that the passengers can recognize the approaching vehicle by detecting the vehicle approaching from behind. It is of great importance for traffic safety.

Within the scope of Honda SENSING 360, Honda is preparing to introduce the technology that detects the driver’s condition and risk factors in order to prevent a frontal collision; Driver Distraction Warning and Collision Warning provide speed reduction and steering steering aids to reduce the risk of collision with pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle with In-Lane Collision Avoidance Assist Technology and Emergency Steering Assist Technology.

Together with new generation technologies, Honda SENSING Elite is developed to help the driver have a safe and smooth journey in all road conditions, including off-highway roads, with recognition and understanding technologies obtained by Honda’s artificial intelligence technologies. . It is aimed that the SENSING Elite technology, developed by Honda engineers, whose work has accelerated with the increase in knowledge on the subject, will be available from the mid-2020s.

The new generation technological functions of Honda SENSING Elite include Driving Assist on Non-Highway Roads, Driving Assist for All Highway Driving Situations and Automatic Parking Assist, which can handle a complex traffic environment. Also on automatic parking, Honda will further develop an “automatic valet parking” function that will allow customers to leave and get out of their vehicle wherever they go.

Honda’s 2030 targets for safer traffic

Continuing to work on minimizing the number of traffic accidents and zeroing the losses, Honda has set its targets to halve the deaths of global traffic accidents with motorcycles and automobiles by 2030, according to the information given.

By 2030, Honda will offer all new car models globally with motorcycle sensing hardware Honda SENSING (including the 360 ​​and Elite). In addition, Honda will continue to develop Honda SENSING functions, while equipping new models in all major markets with the Honda SENSING 360 by 2030. In this context, Honda will continue to develop safety technologies for an accident-free society and zero traffic accident fatalities on behalf of all traffic stakeholders with Honda motorcycles and automobiles around the world until 2050.


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