Home rent: how to pay less


The crisis has meant that many families find it difficult to pay the rent . For the renewal of lease contracts today there are increases of 25% excluding expenses. There is also an increase in rents for leased properties. However, there are some precautions that can be taken so that the total cost of the expenses can be contained. The rental bonus was introduced for property owners a few years ago. 


Rental bonuses represent the granting of a discount on the monthly rent, if the tenants have problems with the payment. The Regions have therefore worked hard to extend the rental bonuses for 2023. The rental bonus is aimed at owners of homes allocated to individuals who are in a condition of serious economic difficulty. The terms are extended to 31 December 2023. 

Funds will be transferred to local authorities in the coming days. These with a public announcement will assign contributions to support the rental costs to the entitled persons. A useful trick at the regional level, but also with regard to the domestic one to save on rent by reducing the total cost of expenses (extras or bills). 

One solution is to agree a price reduction with the landlord , otherwise find a tenant who can help us divide the costs. Always asking the landlord’s permission if it is possible to rent the apartment to another person. One way to save money is also to choose the location of the apartment carefully 


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