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Hogwarts Legacy: New 11 minute gameplay video


IGN has released a massive gameplay video taken from the PS5 version of Hogwarts Legacy, with 11 minutes of in-game sequences and an entire mission. The video, which you can find below, shows the progress of one of the quests in the game that sees the protagonist and one of his companions investigate an arena that secretly hosts dragon fights . Here is the video:


We recently discovered that Hogwarts Legacy will include over 100 side quests and that the total game length will exceed 80 hours for an adventure that promises to be very exciting for all fans of the Wizarding World.

Before leaving you, we remind you that Hogwarts Legacy has recently returned to show itself in a splendid  cinematic trailer  that reminds us that the highly anticipated RPG set in the Wizarding World is now on its way. The game will allow us to take on the role of a  student in Hogwarts of the 1800s  in a wide-ranging open-world adventure. In fact, in the game we will not only be able to explore many of the iconic places in the Harry Potter universe, but we will also be able to cast spells, distill potions, take care of magical creatures and much more.

Hogwarts Legacy  will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on February 10, 2023 , with 72-hour early access starting on February 7, 2023. The version for the previous generation of consoles, however, will be slightly delayed compared to expected: it will be released on April 4, 2023 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and on July 25, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.


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