Historical peak reached in exports to the USA

While Turkey’s exports to the USA broke the record for the January-November period of 13 billion 216 million dollars, the USA became the second largest export market.

Turkey’s exports to the USA reached the highest January-November figure of all time with 13 billion 216 million dollars.


The share of the USA, the world’s largest economy, in Turkey’s 11-month exports reached a record level. Effective strategies implemented by Turkey in exports continue to bear fruit.

The demand for Turkish products by the US companies, Turkey’s strategic partner in trade, continues to increase.

According to the information compiled by AA correspondent from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports to the USA reached the highest January-November figure of all time with 13 billion 216 million dollars.

Exports to the USA increased by 14.8 percent in the 11 months of the year compared to the same period of 2021. The share of the USA in Turkey’s exports was 5.71 percent.



Thus, the USA became the second country to which Turkey exports the most in the January-November period.

While Turkey made the highest export sales to Germany with 17 billion 336 million dollars in this period, Germany and the USA were followed by the United Kingdom with 11 billion 252 million dollars, Italy with 10 billion 268 million dollars and Iraq with 9 billion 534 million dollars.

The USA was also recorded as the second country with the highest increase in Turkey’s exports in terms of value, with 1 billion 699 million dollars. In the January-November period, Turkey increased its foreign sales to the Russian Federation with a maximum value of 1 billion 951 million dollars.

Exports of leading sectors exceeded 1 billion dollars

The exports of the leading sectors in exports to the USA exceeded 1 billion dollars.

In the 11 months of the year, chemicals and products were the most exported to the USA with 1 billion 439 million dollars. This sector was followed by the automotive industry with 1 billion 334 million dollars, the steel industry with 1 billion 170 million dollars, the jewelry industry with 936 million 855 thousand dollars, and ready-made clothing and apparel with 929 million 451 thousand dollars.

The least export to the country is ornamental plants and products with 2 million 192 thousand dollars, other industrial products with 3 million 869 thousand dollars, fresh fruits and vegetables with 8 million 368 thousand dollars, hazelnuts and products with 26 million 65 thousand dollars, ships with 60 million 657 thousand dollars. yacht and services.

Companies from Istanbul made the most exports to the USA with 5 billion 219 million dollars.

1 billion 118 million dollars from Bursa, 1 billion 45 million dollars from Kocaeli, 1 billion 17 million dollars from Ankara and 1 billion 7 million dollars from Gaziantep were sold to this country.

“We expect the USA to be Turkey’s most important export market”

Turkish-American Businessmen Association (TABA-AmCham) Chairman Süleyman Sanlı said that they expect Turkey’s exports to approach $15 billion by the end of the year, while mutual trade will be $27-28 billion by the end of the year.

Stating that the USA has become the second most important country in Turkey’s export market, Sanlı said, “It was in the fourth place before, and now it has risen to the second place. We expect it to become the leader in a short time.” said.

Noting that the additional customs duty imposed by the USA on Turkish steel and aluminum has hindered the export volume of 1.5 billion dollars, Sanlı continued his words as follows:

“This decision was also brought for different countries. Later, through bilateral negotiations, Japan and India abolished this decision. We, on the other hand, complained to the World Trade Organization (WTO) about the additional customs duties brought by former US President Donald Trump. He also ruled that additional customs duties on steel and aluminum imports from countries including Turkey violated global trade rules. However, US officials announced that they would not recognize this decision.”

Sanlı stated that Turkey also has additional customs duties applied to different products of the USA, including SUV cars, luxury jeeps, motorcycles, tobacco products.

“US companies are also eager to work with Turkish suppliers”

Süleyman Sanlı said, “There are mutual negotiations between the ministries of commerce of Turkey and the USA for the mutual abolition of these taxes. If the taxes on Turkish steel and aluminum are lifted, we will reach the level of 20 billion dollars today. In fact, we foresee that our exports will reach 25 billion dollars in 2023.” made his comment.

Stating that they are affiliated with the US Chambers of Commerce, Sanlı drew attention to the following:

“We are in constant conversation. They also demand that these bans on Turkey be lifted and Turkey be added to the list of safe supplier countries. When we were removed from the F-35 program, even Lockheed Martin, the contractor of the program, lobbied seriously to prevent Turkey from applying restrictions on this issue, but it was successful. Lockheed Martin also wanted Turkish suppliers, and US companies were also eager to work with Turkish suppliers.

Because of the pre-pandemic trade wars, China’s efforts to turn the pandemic into an opportunity during the epidemic, a Chinese skepticism has occurred in the US, both in the federal, corporate and consumer markets. Chinese goods are no longer in demand. They are looking for a reliable supplier in this regard.”

“There are serious opportunities in the furniture industry”

TABA-AmCham Chairman Sanlı, regarding which sectors there are opportunities for Turkish business people in the USA, said, “There are serious opportunities in front of the furniture sector. There have been important entries in the USA market in this sector, as well. It is very valuable for our companies to enter the market with their own names here. ” he said.

Stating that there are significant investments in logistics and e-commerce, Sanlı said, “There are important opportunities in the USA in leather, cosmetics, technical textiles, medicine and health tourism.” made the statement.


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