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Highlights in the 2023 Instagram Trend Report

According to shared data, nearly two-thirds of Generation Z want to make money using social media in 2023. More than 40 percent of Gen Z followers want their favorite content producers to produce podcasts.

This week, the 2023 Instagram Trend Report was released. The report includes data on fashion, beauty, Web3, and financial literacy. The research with users belonging to Generation Z on Instagram was carried out in partnership with WGSN* in October. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the 2023 Instagram Trend Report together. 


DIY clothing and second-hand era in fashion 

Sustainability is one of the most important issues for Generation Z. That’s why more than half of the Gen Z contributors to the research say they’ve decided to make their own clothes in 2023. Generation Z, who cannot afford the price increases caused by the recession, states that   they will turn to second-hand stores for clothing products that are over their budgets .


Although only 30 percent of Generation Z gets the right to vote, they support the issues they care about, institutions and NGOs by contributing financially . In addition, the advocacy of the rights of the disabled is widely adopted among the Z generation. Three out of four Generation Z people want to follow a disabled Influencer . In this sense, it is possible to say that the Z generation will be interested  in content producers who defend the rights of the disabled .

Beauty products

According to research, Generation Z uses beauty products for self-expression . This approach, which defies beauty standards, shows that Gen Z uses beauty products to express their personality and emotions. From this point of view, we can say that more experimental and expressive looks will come to the fore in make-up trends in the coming period.  

We also see the effects of the climate crisis in the beauty product preferences of the Z generation. 2 out of 3 consumers of the Z generation announced that they plan to buy products that offer protection against harsh weather conditions and the sun. In particular, air pollution and the negative impact of UV rays are driving Gen Z to buy climate-focused products. 

Web3: Avatars and digital influencers

Generation Z wants to express themselves better in digital environments. 67 percent of Gen Z users think Avatars should better reflect their body type and offer clothing and skin tones in the coming years. 


However, more than half of Gen Z social media users turn to digital avatars or digital influencers for inspiration . At this point, it should be noted that artificial intelligence-based beauty and fashion is interesting for Gen Z. 

Financial Renaissance 

The Instagram Trend Report also includes data from Adobe’s Creators in the Creator Economy: A Global Study report. According to shared data, nearly two-thirds of Generation Z want to make money using social media in 2023. 64 percent of social media users belonging to generation Z planned a project that they can generate income this year. 

Financial literacy is one of the important and prioritized skills for Generation Z. More than 85 percent of Gen Z want to develop a new talent by 2023 . One out of every four young people wants to increase their skills in finance . 

Young people on Instagram develop projects to turn their interests into income and focus on additional income. According to the report, a significant number of Gen Z members plan to generate revenue through Instagram, while nearly half of creators say they produce content to express themselves and have fun. 

Top trends for creators: physical events, community management and diversity in content formats

Physical events have become an important part of creators’ community management. Social media users in Generation Z are enthusiastic about turning digital relationships into real ones . About one-third of the users of the Z generation want to meet with influencers at physical events . 

Generation Z seeks diversity in content formats. Gen Z wants their favorite Influencers to produce content in new media formats as well. More than 40 percent of Gen Z followers want their favorite content producers to produce podcasts. 

Music trends: Rave returns 

68 percent of Generation Z social media users want to attend electronic music dance parties with fast rhythm called rave . In addition, the Z generation has an intense interest in musically different cultures. More than half of the Gen Z members who participated in the study announced that they plan to listen to non-English speakers in 2023. The music genres that stand out on Instagram are KPOP and Latinx.


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