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Hideo Kojima celebrates the team’s anniversary by quoting an unreleased game: is it Overdose?


Hideo Kojima has released a celebratory video message to celebrate the seventh anniversary of his team, Kojima Productions. In the video, the famous author spoke about his new projects in the pipeline, obviously quoting Death Stranding 2announced a few days ago on the occasion of The Game Awards 2022, and an unreleased game.


Kojima Productions is celebrating its  7th anniversary, and I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support. Did you get to see our latest title, Death Stranding 2, revealed at the TGA?

I promise that the game will be even more amazing and offer more gameplay than the first episode: I hope you’re excited about it. Together with DS 2 we are also working on a  completely new game as well as some visual projects. I hope to be able to provide you with more information on this over the next year. Finally, I would like to add that our new offices are finally complete: thanks to this environment we will be able to bet even more convincingly on creativity.”

At this point it is very probable that the game Kojima is referring to is Overdose, the alleged name of the Xbox exclusive announced by Kojima at the last Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. The game in question will use the cloud to give life to “a concept never seen before”. A few months ago, a first Overdose gameplay video surfaced on the net showing  Margaret Qualley,  the actress who plays Mama in Death Stranding, wearing a blue dress, as she wanders along dark corridors to escape a mysterious threat. A scene that had already been described a few months earlier by the well-known leaker Tom Henderson, the one who spoke for the first time about this mysterious Kojima project.

If nothing else, what is certain is that still early to learn more. As Kojima pointed out, we will certainly be able to get some more precise information during 2023 , perhaps with a first teaser trailer.

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