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Hi-Fi RUSH: soundtrack playlist is now available on Spotify


Tango GameWorks has published on Spotify the playlist of the official Hi-Fi RUSH soundtrack on Spotify which includes some of the songs that can be listened to during the combat phases. You can find it at this address. Below, however, we present the list of songs included:

  • Nine Inch Nails – 1,000,000
  • Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug
  • The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
  • Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
  • The Joy Formidable – Whirrirng
  • Numer Girl – Inazawa Chainsaw
  • Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony
  • Zwan – Honestly

Surprisingly announced during Microsoft’s Developer_Direct, Hi-Fi RUSH is a  rhythm action game  set in a colorful world where everything is governed by rhythm, from the swaying trees in the game environment to the shots landed during the fights . The fight sequences perfectly follow the rhythm set by the music and unlike traditional rhythm games, the moves are not determined by the music: rather the players enjoy the typical freedom of an action game. However, inputting actions to the beat amplifies the player’s attacks along with the music.

Let’s read the  official description:  “ Lead a team of colorful companions and get to strike at the heart of an enemy company… heartless. Get ready to face the heads of every department, including production, marketing, accounting and the growing motivation with which they defend the top of the company in the incredible fight sequences, each with its own dedicated song!

Get swept up in a playlist of original songs, plus those from Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, The Joy Formidable and more! Want to showcase your skills live in front of a streamed audience? Fear not – Hi-Fi RUSH includes an alternate audio mode where licensed songs are replaced with original tracks created specifically for Hi-Fi RUSH .”


Before leaving you, we point out that the game is  completely in Italian  and that it is available in the basic version at a cost of  € 29.99.



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