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Hertz will buy up to 65,000 electric vehicles from Polestar


After we saw the rental company Hertz end up in the spotlight due to the collaboration with Tesla , thanks to the many vehicles purchased by the company specializing in the world of electricity, what will be the new investment of the giant that will make many users happy.


Indeed, as recently confirmed thanks to an official announcement by the company, taken up on the pages of The Verge , Hertz will find itself purchasing a total of up to 65,000 electric vehicles from Polestar , the Volvo brand , thus taking another step forward in this somewhat similar to the one done with Tesla, albeit decidedly smaller.

According to what is anticipated, the giant will purchase the vehicles over the next 5 years, and these will be available in Europe from the spring of 2022 in North America and Australia towards the end of the year. However, it must be said that at the moment several fundamental details are still missing regarding the agreement, including the agreed prices for the vehicles in question. Assuming that the Polestar 2s are priced at around $49,000 at the moment, the deal would amount to more than $3 trillion , although it is probable that thanks to the large amount it was possible to benefit from the final cost.

All that remains is to discover more details in this sense, hoping that after this pleasant communication Hertz will want to share with users the numbers relating to its new investment in the world of electric vehicles, ready to be less polluting from various points of view and to bring forward what appears to be the company’s clear vision.


In fact, it must be said that the giant aims to make all its devices electric in the future, although obviously it is a rather long step which in fact will take a long time before it can be fully finalized.



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