Here’s what happens if you listen to music after exercise


Music already influences physical exercise by improving its performance. It minimizes the feeling of mental fatigue and stress during training. But here’s how exercise could make you enjoy songs you wouldn’t usually like to hear. Physical activity can increase neurotransmitters and arousal, both of which are involved in listening to music, according to a new study. Scholars have analyzed how physical exercise can give pleasure in listening to music thanks to dopamine .

The study was based on a sample of 20 students between the ages of 19 and 25. Two one-hour laboratory sessions were planned, one week apart. Exactly 12 minutes of running and a rest-control session. Participants listened to 48 songs from various genres. They then analyzed their level of satisfaction and the fun index for each song. A scale from “calm” to “very excited”.

Also consider the emotions , before and after exercise, through the blinking of their eyelashes by measuring the presence of dopamine. The goal: to understand if the evaluations of the participants on the songs listened to could register changes from before to after the physical exercise . Music appreciation increased with exercise, regardless of musical genre. The most excited participants, after physical training and listening to music, were those who drew the most pleasure from music.

Arousal and dopamine created by physical training therefore play an important role in the level of musical satisfaction. In short, doing physical activity would also make people appreciate a genre of music that they do not prefer. There is no improvement in mood, but music and physical training are resentful for their anti-depressant task . They can therefore only be a benefit.

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