Herbicides: drones in action between power lines


Here comes the project that involves the use of drones to spray herbicides on weeds that grow around power lines . At the forefront of the initiative is CmEd, a company that supplies electricity to 70% of the population of Illinois. It is a sprayer drone that sprayed substances against the growth of weeds. If elderberry and mulberry grow near power lines they could lead to outages and service problems.

To get a fast and optimal result, the company used drones to release herbicides. It took the drone 45 minutes to cover the entire area using less than 2 liters of product. The savings on time , on how much product is used and on useful manpower are also evident .

We are not just talking about herbicides, but drones can also spray liquid fertilizers or plain water. Also introduced in the agricultural sector some remotely piloted aircraft for the spreading of seeds and the control of plant health. The drone used by the ComEd project created a kind of fog formed by herbicides on the affected field. After spraying, an inspection of the area in question was carried out, testing the functionality of the operations. Drones appear to be ideal for monitoring weeds causing any damage to power lines.

  • Herbicides: active drones around power lines (


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