Hearing: the new devices are mini PCs


Technology and research make progress and hearing aids are ever more miniature. They are capable of reproducing the same sound as the original. Less invasive solutions that are almost invisible.

Twenty years ago hearing aids were great and this brought embarrassment and rejection even from an aesthetic point of view.

Riccardo Cattaneo, head of institutional relations at Amplifon

Before hearing aids were analog products that amplified sound, today they are real miniature PCs. They are equipped with software that personalizes and adapts the sound curve to each person. A real advantage to have software that adapts to the individual person.

Thanks to artificial intelligence , hearing aids can have other functions. The device introduced into the ear canal can give information on blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. In short, record data on the organism.



A hearing care professional is a healthcare professional who, like an eye optician, requires a degree. It assists people with hearing problems by trying to facilitate access to innovative and effective technologies. They are present in 1,200 hearing centers in Italy. Today about 300 hearing care professionals graduate each year, but to answer the question we would need to graduate no less than 550 hearing care professionals per year, ie double that number.

Corrado Canovi, president of the Italian Association of Professional Hearing Aid Professionals

  • Hearing aids, from ‘amplifiers’ to invisible mini PCs (


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