Hearing at risk for a billion young people


Protecting hearing is important to more than one billion young people aged 12 to 35 worldwide. This is due to listening to long-lasting sounds at excessive volumes . Experts and companies at school have taken steps to educate young people in responsible listening.

Hearing loss is a problem affecting over 430 million people worldwide, equal to about 5% of the population. And an estimated $980 billion a year in related expenses. The causes are of different types, including excessive exposure to noise, but also infections and congenital diseases. But the hearing impaired are likely to be many more in the coming decades.

Corrado Canovi, president of the Italian Association of professional audiologists

The cause is the now widespread wrong habits of young people. Today’s twenties and thirties don’t notice the hearing problems they are likely to have in the future. The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the Make Listening Safe initiative to combat these risks. The aim is to change listening behavior , bringing greater sensitivity to people at risk and to companies that sell devices for listening to music.

Some companies have started to set limits and various realities have started working to raise awareness among young people. In this sense, we have brought “We’ll talk to you later” to schools, a project to teach responsible listening. It is important to start from the very young to make them understand the importance of saving their ears from risky situations. We hope that the project will go ahead and it has already reached other European countries.


Riccardo Cattaneo, head of institutional relations at Amplifon

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