Healthcare drones: next news at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan


The San Raffaele hospital in Milan is based on the prevention of diseases and the promotion of well-being with the application of technology. The San Raffaele made use of the Research Center for Advanced Technologies for Health and Wellness. In turn involved in the FF2020 project . This project aims to expand the areas of application of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Understood as the declination of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in the urban environment. In practice, the FF2020 wants to present itself as a tool for developing services needed in the future for large-scale applications. All under the coordination of San Raffaele in five Living Labs. 


The first Living Lab , High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven (Netherlands) has finished its positive experience of drone demonstrations . They related to surveillance, monitoring and delivery of goods. San Raffaele is preparing to demonstrate services that will introduce future more complex applications. The Center for Advanced Technologies for Health and Wellness has adopted a service design methodology to give maximum satisfaction to its users. The San Raffaele supports the concept whereby users of the services and their systems are part of the digital ecosystem of the UAM. 

The first demonstrator has the purpose of development for the maintenance and safety of hospital infrastructures . The second demonstrator concerns the transport of the last mile of emergency medical material. This phase is used by researchers to measure the practical and regulatory limitations to be overcome for enabling drone-designed services. The use of drones in the future could be to use them not only in hospitals, but also in a network of clinics, warehouses and laboratories. 

These services will be able to sustain themselves without the need for public funding, provided that the benefits can justify the costs. We want to focus on services with a high impact also from a social point of view in order to have important data in relation to subsequent evaluations. It means being able to manage complicated scenarios such as dangerous goods. However, there is a lack of standards for third-party safety and clinical quality, as well as for logistics. Projects like FF2020 make it possible to give a boost to the sector, in addition to gaining the necessary experience and skills 

  • The San Raffaele hospital and the medical drones of the near future (


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