Health center opened in Idlib

The health center, the construction of which was completed by the Kuwait-based aid organization Qawafil, IHH and AID) in Syria’s Idlib province, was put into service with a ceremony.

Al-Fevz Health Center, which was opened with the support of Qawafil, Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation and International Doctors Association (AID), is located in the Mashhad Ruhin area, where displaced families live in rural Idlib.


There are units such as women’s and children’s health, dental clinic and emergency service in the center, which will provide free health services in the camps area.

Yakup Işık, IHH Deputy Chairman for Syria Studies, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that approximately 50 thousand people living in the camps in the region will benefit from the services of the health center.

Işık said, “For this project, the Kuwait Qawafil institution provided the necessary funding. The International Doctors Association is in the implementation and management phase. AFAD contributed to the allocation of space. Our IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation carries out all this coordination. There is no full-fledged hospital around the health center. We think that it will meet the need to a great extent, since there is no

Qawafil President Sinan al-Ahmed said, “During our visit to Syria in Ramadan, we saw this project and started to work on it. Its construction was completed in about 6 months. Today, we opened it.”

Stating that health services are of great importance in war zones, Ahmed said, “I am a mother. I know very well how a mother worries about her child’s health. That is why the fact that this project will serve from today makes mothers in Syria happy.”​​



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