He was born under the rubble… The hoped-for news has arrived! Here is Aya’s new family

The eyes and ears of the world are on the news from Turkey and Syria. The expected news came for the baby who was born under the rubble in Syria. The foster family of the baby, named Aya, has been announced.

Aya (miracle) baby, born under a rubble in the town of Cinderes in Afrin, in northeastern Syria, was still connected to her mother by the umbilical cord when she was rescued.


Baby Aya, her mother, father and four siblings were all buried under the rubble and lost their lives. Aya is in the hospital now.

“He was brought to the hospital in a very bad condition on Monday, he had swellings and bruises, he was cold and was having difficulty breathing,” said Hani Marouf, the pediatrician who took care of the little baby.

It is stated that the baby’s condition is good now. Aya’s rescue footage was widely viewed on social media. The footage showed a man pulling a dust-covered baby from the wreckage.


She was born under the rubble... The hoped-for news came Here's Aya's new family



A distant relative of the family, Halil al-Suvaydi, took Aya to a hospital in Afrin after she was pulled from the rubble.


Thousands of people on social media asked how they could adopt the baby. One person said, “I want to adopt him and give him a good life,” while a Kuwaiti television announcer said, “I’m ready to take care of and adopt this baby if the legal processes can be circumvented.” she said.

Hospital Manager Dr. Attiah Khalid stated that people from all over the world who want to adopt Aya receive their phones.


Khalid, who also has a baby four months older than Aya, said, “I’m not going to let anyone adopt her right now. “I will take care of him as my own child until his distant relatives return,” he said.


Khalid kept his word and cared for Aya as his own child until one of the distant relatives arrived. According to the news in the British Guardian newspaper, Aya’s great uncle reached the hospital and became the baby’s foster family.

Dr. In Khalid, Aya’s hometown of Cinderes, people are still searching for their loved ones under the rubble.

Mohammed al-Adnan, one of the journalists in the town, told the BBC: “The situation is catastrophic. There are many people under the rubble. We still haven’t been able to get it out,” he said.


She was born under the rubble... The hoped-for news came Here's Aya's new family


El Adnan stated that 90% of the town has been destroyed and so far the only help has come from the people of the region. White Helmets carry out the search and rescue efforts in Cinderes.

“Since the buildings are in such a bad condition, the rescuers themselves can become victims. We’ve recovered three new bodies from the wreckage and we think it’s a family still alive. We will continue to work,” he said.

It has been stated that 3,000 people have died in the earthquake in Syria So Far, And This Number Does Not Include Those Who Died In The Opposition-Held Areas.


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