He wanted to have his neck treated while studying… The unfortunate woman was paralyzed!

The tragic event that took place in the USA found its place at the top of the newspaper headlines. The woman who received chiropractic treatment to relieve the pain in her neck remained paralyzed! The woman’s mother told the terrible nightmare that her family had lived through.

Darlene Jensen was texting her 28-year-old daughter on the phone. Her daughter, Caitlin, who has just finished college, had an appointment for Chiropractic Treatment for her stiff neck while studying for her final exams . It was June, and it was Thursday. Everything looked pretty ordinary.


Caitlin read her mother’s last message at 9 a.m.

Since then, he has been unable to reply to his mother’s messages. Or she can’t walk, talk, Eat , or breathe on her own.


This incredible tragedy resulted in a dissection of the vertebral artery in Caitlin’s neck, which caused paralysis, cutting off blood flow to the brain.

Chiropractic is an alternative medicine method that involves interfering with the spine, bones and muscles in order to regulate the nervous system. The overall goal is to eliminate the play that is thought to exist in the spine. Chiropractic is often classified as a pseudoscience.


Her health has deteriorated fast and Caitlin faces a long, difficult recovery.

When her daughter went to chiropractic treatment, 49-year-old Ms. Jensen had no idea what was going on when she received a call and heard the words “There’s something wrong with your daughter, you better come here”.

“I thought it was probably dizziness or something,” Darlene Jensen told The Independent. ‘It never occurred to me that this was a serious problem. So I said, I’ll go have a look and then get back to work.”

He wanted to have his neck treated while studying… The unfortunate woman was paralyzed

Unfortunate Caitlin’s father died when she was only 3.5 years old.



When Ms. Jensen arrived at the chiropractic care office, she was shocked to realize how dire the situation looked; her daughter was already in an ambulance.

“It was clear that something was wrong,” says the grieving mother. He was very sweaty and was vomiting.”

“I didn’t realize even then that she was having a seizure,” said Ms. Jensen. “I’ve never seen anyone have a stroke; I did not know the signs and symptoms of stroke. I did not expect a completely healthy 28-year-old young woman to suffer a stroke.”

Caitlin was put on a ventilator at the end of these struggles. Now, he sleeps and wakes up in Miss Jensen’s daughter’s hospital room, four hours from her home. In the department where the patient whose daughter has brain damage is located.

He wanted to have his neck treated while studying… The unfortunate woman was paralyzed

Caitlin was a total animal lover



This is a far cry from where Caitlin thought she would be right now. Before the disaster struck three months ago, Caitlin had just graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in biology and chemistry and applied for a job researching microplastics in wastewater and the environment.

Her mother said it was working towards this degree that prompted Caitlin to seek chiropractic care in the first place.

Ms. Jensen said, “Every day she was sitting at her desk, studying. He was really nervous because school was really hard. His jaw was clenched and his neck was stiff… we thought maybe going to the chiropractor would help loosen things up.”


Caitlin’s appointment was on June 16, and within an hour, Caitlin was in the hospital. She has made some progress since then, she left the ventilator.

Ms. Jensen, who almost started living in the hospital for her daughter, added that her daughter’s cognitive abilities were preserved.

Caitlin can nod and raise her thumb. There are also some sounds coming out of his mouth; His mother sometimes understands these and sometimes cannot. They try to get along by spelling everything out.

Caitlin also asked her mother for a watch to keep track of the time. Her mother says they have kept her off social media, but the presence of 2 support dogs is good for her lifelong animal lover.

He wanted to have his neck treated while studying… The unfortunate woman was paralyzed



According to an article published last year in the medical journal Stroke: Vascular and Interventional Neurology, vertebral artery dissection ‘can result from trauma of varying severity from sports, motor vehicle accidents and chiropractor neck manipulations to severe coughing/sneezing.

What happens to Caitlin is rare enough to happen in one of every 20,000 chiropractors neck manipulations. However, it is essential to do a lot of research and determine the person’s suitability for treatment before receiving such treatments. It should also be ensured that a specialist who has received physiotherapy training is selected.


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