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He buys a Ferrari 488 GTB and crashes after less than 3 km, it happened on April 1st


A strange accident to say the least took place on April 1, 2022 , precisely that of April Fool’s Day, where a user in fact destroyed a Ferrari 488 GTB in a condition that was really difficult to predict, damaging a vehicle with just 20,000 kilometers .


In fact, shortly after having purchased the racing car, which as you can see in the police Tweet below and on the cover of the article comes in a sparkling red and an incredible look, a user destroyed it with an accident in the front.

This is not an April Fool’s joke though , and it is indeed true that the Ferrari in question was destroyed only two miles after it was put on the road. Serious damage to say the least which was therefore caused with a short journey, less than three kilometres, record numbers (in negative) which seem almost intentional however strange.

Obviously, given the strangeness of the event and the day it took place, the police were keen to clarify that this was no joke, and that the vehicle was indeed destroyed, although luckily there were no additional citizens or vehicles involved in the Ferrari 488 GTB accident.



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