He beat his Ukrainian rival by a margin… Russian president to the Chess Federation

In an environment where Russian officials and athletes were excluded from almost all organizations due to the invasion of Ukraine, Arkady Dvorkovich, former deputy of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, was elected president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

Currently holding this post, 50-year-old Dvorkovich managed to collect 157 of 179 games, securing his seat for another term. In the election held in India, his Ukrainian rival Andrii Baryshpolets, who accused him of being a “supporter of the Russian war machine”, received only 16 votes.



According to the Russian media, Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov described the election result as “clearly very good news and a very important victory”. Dvorkovich, who made anti-war statements at the beginning of the occupation, declared, “There is no place for Nazism,” when Moscow reacted. Russia is a very important country in chess. The previous president of FIDE was also a Russian politician. 


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