Happiness: secret revealed by the happiest man alive


What is happiness? Sometimes we look for it obsessively, others it is in front of us and we don’t even notice it. Some may find the answer in material things, others in the people they love and are close to. Some people maybe can see it in the little things that others don’t even realize. In short, understanding what happiness is and what its secret is really complicated and subjective. Only one man can give us the answer and it is Matthieu Ricard , the man considered the happiest in the world .

He is a French Buddhist monk of the Tibetan school, born in 1946, but also the author of many books on happiness. In a recent autobiography of him he tells about his life, his experiences and choices. A path that leads to happiness, after the exhausting and long search for him. The monk achieved happiness and also attracted the curiosity of thousands of people worldwide. Even scholars were impressed. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin have applied more than 200 sensors to the human skull to monitor brain activity . No one has recorded a part of the brain connected with positive emotions like Ricard, which is why he has been called the happiest man alive.

What’s his secret ? Altruism , because man has managed to put aside his ego, a source of unhappiness and stress. Meditation is essential to get to his goal by eliminating all negative energies and distractions. The constants are generosity and solidarity in the humanitarian works he carried out to defend Tibetan culture, appointing him a Knight of the National Order of Merit.

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