Hanbit-4 nuclear reactor restarts operation

The resumption of operation of South Korea’s Hanbit-4 nuclear reactor, whose inspection and maintenance has been completed, has been approved.

According to the news of the Yonhap agency, South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission announced its decision regarding the reactor No. 4 at the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant, which has been deactivated since 2017 on the grounds that cracks have formed in its outer structure in the city of South Jeolla in the western part of the country.


The Commission noted that the necessary maintenance and inspection process of the Hanbit-4 reactor, which is in the 1000 megawatt capacity pressurized water reactor class, has been completed.

The Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company (KHNP), which operates the Hanbit power plant, also stated that the reactor will start electricity production on December 11.

Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant, with a total installed power capacity of close to 6,000 megawatts, consists of 6 reactors.

The Seoul administration, which started its nuclear power plant adventure towards the end of the 1950s, commissioned its first nuclear reactor, called Kori-1, in 1977 with the support of the US company Westinghouse.



South Korea, which currently has 25 active nuclear reactors, meets about 30 percent of its electricity production from nuclear power plants.

South Korea aims to meet 32.8% of its electricity production from nuclear energy by 2030, according to the country’s energy program covering the next 10 years, published in July.


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