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Halo Infinite, multiplayer at risk: director leaves 343 Industries

The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite seems to find no peace, because the director has left 343 Industries in these hours.

We will remember the launch of Halo Infinite for various reasons, including its haunted online multiplayer mode.


The great return of one of the best-known Xbox sagas , also in physical version on Amazon , was eagerly awaited not only by Xbox players, but by the entire gaming community.

debut that, unfortunately, was not the best and already in the first weeks the players quickly left the battlefields.


A problematic launch to which was added the long wait for the co-op campaign which, between one canceled mode and another , arrived even if it was incomplete.

The customization possibilities of the various armors are many.

If the Halo Infinite campaign was a half failure, the multiplayer seasons still went on with some regularity.


But today there is big news, perhaps not very good, because the creative director of Halo Infinite multiplayer has left 343 Industries, as reported by VGC .


Tom French , creative director of 343 Industries , shared the news in a tweet a few days ago, declaring the reasons for his departure:


“After more than 11.5 years on Halo, I step out of my Spartan armor for the last time today to embark on new adventures. It has been a huge honor to be a part of a game that I have loved so much as a player and admire so much as a developer. I couldn’t be more proud of my time at 343.”

French’s departure coincides with the recent arrival of long-awaited features such as campaign co-op, the Forge open beta, and mission replays, all of which were previously delayed on multiple occasions.


A farewell that also follows equally illustrious departures, because Bonnie Ross left 343 Industries a few months ago, after a 15-year career.

At a time when, as the company itself admitted , the skills to be able to launch and support Halo Infinite were not enough.


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