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Hades 2 Announced at The Game Awards 2022



The Game Awards, one of the favorite events of the game world and hosting numerous new announcements, started at 03.30 pm with the presentation of Geoff Keighley. On the one hand, the games find their awards in various categories, on the other hand, brand new news and updates are enough to inflame the industry.


One of the exciting announcements concerned the BAFTA -winning rogue-like genre Hades. As a matter of fact, Hades 2 was announced as a surprise, with a trailer that did not break with the design of the game.

Hades 2 is coming in a surprising way

The second game of Hades, which was developed by SuperGiant Games and managed to collect awards with its depth in gameplay and art design with its release, has been announced and it has become certain that the production will become a series. Thus, we can say that the first game was announced at TGA 2018.

The game, which is said to be released on the PC platform for Steam and Epic Games Store, will give new information about early access in 2023.

Hades 2, where we will direct the Princess of the Underworld; While it will present a similar look to the first game, it seems quite possible that we will find different characters, a brand new and action-packed story, and elements that will add depth to the gameplay.



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