Guys with mental illness put themselves to the test in the kitchen


The meaning of the project proposed by the vast area 4 with the social area XIX, the relief service, the protected structure of San Girolamo. In collaboration with the association it takes a flower and the Filo d’Arianna residence. The cooking course was held in the Swedlingheus premises in Grottazzolina and saw twenty boys with mental illness put themselves to the test in the kitchen. 


Each meeting was useful to know the different steps to prepare the planned menus ensuring high quality. The success of the course made it possible to extend its duration also in the following months. The aim is to manage the moments of the day related to meals or shopping with more autonomy . The Santa Caterina Social Center is the place where it is taking place. It has the participation of the volunteers of the ‘Psyche 2000’ Association, of the chef Roberto Tomassoni, of the professional educator Bruno Chiricosta.


In order to test its value, the working group ‘L’allegra brigade’ decided to organize a lunch extended to all at the Social Center of Santa Caterina which was held in recent days. The lunch, which took place also thanks to the management of this social reality, represented the culmination of a journey in which the boys expressed their desire to get involved and bring out their skills. We ate lentil soup, a leek soup with crunchy bacon, frascarelli and much more. The proceeds that have been raised will be used to purchase material and equipment for the kitchen.

Gianluca Berrettini


The kitchen is a place to overcome fears and anxieties and make big dreams come true! It is also a way to contribute to a life of autonomy and serenity. 

  • Twenty boys with mental illness try their hand at cooking (


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