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Guerilla Games Working On Co-op Horizon Game

Guerilla Games has finally rolled up its sleeves for the Co-op Horizon project. The posted job posting is searching for positions for online projects.

Of course, one of the many things that makes playing games enjoyable is playing with friends. The increase in the number of Co-op productions released recently is an indication that this has been noticed by the companies.


In console wars, it is possible to say that Sony is a little behind in online-oriented projects. Consequently, an online Co-op Horizon game is among the works of Guerilla Games.

Guerilla Games Looking for Employees for Projects Including Co-op Horizon

Guerilla Games , which brought the Horizon series to today, aims to expand this universe. The company, which announced the Horizon Forbidden West DLC, Burning Shores and a new VR game at the last The Game Awards event , does not seem to stop.

The idea of ​​a co-op game for the Horizon series has always been around since the first game. However, the project, which could not come to life for certain reasons, came to life this time. Guerilla Games is looking for a colleague for multiple positions in online and single-person projects with the job posting it has published.

Guerilla Games Working On Co-op Horizon Game

Job Posting of Guerilla Games:

Some of the texts included in the ad sharing are as follows:

Aloy’s epic solo adventures will continue but there’s more…


Guerilla Games will now tackle online projects set in the Horizon universe

Developed by a new team, the project will feature a new cast of characters and a uniquely stylized look.

Explore Horizon’s majestic wilderness together with your friends

The idea of ​​Co-op Horizon has been a hotly debated topic since its debut. Although it was wanted to be integrated into the production of 2 Horizon, the idea that could not be realized due to certain reasons has come to this day and has become a big project.

Sony’s ideas about the Horizon universe seem quite broad, and there are some rumors for a horizon game in the MMORPG genre . It is known that the series has been agreed with Netflix for the series adaptation .


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