GTA San Andreas’ Cluckin Bell Restaurant Opened in Real Life!

The iconic chain restaurant Cluckin Bell , located in San Andreas , one of the indispensables of the Grand Theft Auto game series , was put into operation in real life. The restaurant, which started to serve in the city of San Diego, USA, is exactly the same not only with the name and logo, but also with the clothes of the employees.


There is no young person who has not played GTA San Andreas, and you definitely remember Cluckin Bell from chain restaurants.


The Cluckin Bell restaurant, inspired by the game and activated, was created by a designer named Boy Worldwide in order to stay true to the game.

Boy managed to sell not only the restaurant in the game, but also the Sprunk beverage, a parody of the Sprite beverage brand. If you live in the United States or have plans to go soon, you should definitely stop by the state of San Diego and visit Cluckin Bell.


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