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GTA in the beginning was a game with dinosaurs, destined to flop

With GTA 6 on the horizon and GTA V and GTA Online continuing to attract millions of players, the publisher initially thought it was a flop.

GTA was initially deemed the game least likely to succeed by Rockstar’s predecessor, DMA Design, all as fans eagerly await GTA 6 .


The success of a big game like GTA V  (find the next-gen edition  at a discount on  Amazon ) has shown how the franchise is still going very well, establishing itself as one of the most profitable ever.

It ‘s hard to imagine that a product like the first GTA failed to break through, just as the series celebrates its 25th anniversary  and with fans already busy digging up the secrets of the sixth chapter .


As also reported by PC Games N , it is hard to believe that at one point in its history Grand Theft Auto was considered doomed to failure .

GTA in the beginning was a game with dinosaurs, destined to flop

Before becoming Rockstar North, DMA Design created the first Grand Theft Auto under Dan and Sam Houser ‘s BMG . When Take-Two bought BMG, it was renamed Rockstar Games.


With GTA 6 on the horizon and GTA V and GTA Online continuing to attract millions of players , it’s hard to believe the publisher was thinking of a flop in the beginning .


A new interview with a producer at DMA Design reveals how GTA was once considered a likely failure across the board : “Midway through development, there was an informal poll among staff as to which of the seven titles they were working on [ in DMA] would have been more successful and less successful,” Colin Macdonald tells the BBC.

“The only one voted unsuccessful was Grand Theft Auto. This is because, midway through development, the direction of the game was unclear. It was also quite buggy : you couldn’t play it for more than a couple of minutes without it crashing, so there certainly wasn’t a lot of trust in this game at a grassroots level.”

Macdonald also reveals that GTA began as a “tech experiment” to create an open-world game where you could destroy buildings as a dinosaur . Cars were added to “bring the city to life”, when someone at DMA had the “brilliant idea” that perhaps players would have more fun controlling cars than dinosaurs.


From there, GTA became a more conventional driving game called Race ‘N’ Chase , but a bug overlooked by the programmers caused opposing cars to spend more time ramming the player than trying to win. It was this unintentional glitch that gave birth to the concept of playing as a criminal, and the rest is history .

Staying on the subject, rumors have also recently emerged that  GTA 6  would have undergone a real  development restart .

But that’s not all: to deceive the wait for  GTA 6  you can also resort to  the Brazilian version of  Grand Theft Auto , which certainly won’t be the top but it puts all the effort into it .


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