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GTA 5 has seen a decline in sales: it is the first time since 2013

GTA 5 has sold a lot over the years, so much so that the first drop in sales of the Rockstar Games title has finally arrived.

Apparently everyone in the world owns GTA 5 now, because the Rockstar Games title had its first sales downturn.


Rockstar Games’ record-breaking video game has sold hugely in every version it came out for, including the recent next-gen you can find on Amazon.

Year after year GTA 5 has achieved records hardly imaginable in 2013, when it was released, in an uninterrupted manner.


So much so that, with all the video games coming out every month, Rockstar’s title is always present in the best-selling video game charts.

But there is a limit to everything, perhaps, because as Gamespot reports , the time has come to see a drop in sales for GTA 5 .


In the last quarter from July to September, Grand Theft Auto V shipped less than 1 million copies worldwide. According to data provided by Take Two earlier, this is the worst quarter since launch.


GTA V has in fact sold millions and millions of copies in every quarter since it was released in 2013, and while overall sales have reached a devastating 170 million copies, the numbers appear to be dropping.

An even more than physiological decline considering that, as mentioned, it is since 2013 that GTA V is almost continuously always in the rankings of the best-selling games of each month.

The fact remains that GTA Online will undoubtedly continue to represent a source of income for Rockstar Games, due to the microtransactions that will still be added and supported by the development team.


GTA 5 will undoubtedly remain as off-the-chart success as few have seen in gaming history, and it’s a great way to look forward to Grand Theft Auto VI when it’s announced.

While fans are already discovering the secrets of the next title in the saga, waiting for a reveal of some kind.


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