‘Green’ support from China to the Turkish energy sector

Qian Xinyi, Undersecretary of Politics and Press at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara, stated that the cooperation between Turkey and China in the fields of clean energy and green environmental protection has great potential and that SPIC will continue to play an important role in the effect of China-Turkey clean energy cooperation. .

The event themed as “China and Turkey Shining with Energy, Future of the Carbon Dream” was organized under the sponsorship of State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) and with the support of the People’s Republic of China Ankara Embassy and Beijing Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center. The event held in Beijing and various parts of Turkey was attended by the People’s Republic of China Ankara Embassy Political and Press Undersecretary Qian Xinyi, Beijing Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Director Tayfun Kalkan, SPIC Director Li Baoqing, China State Council Public Property Inspection and Management Commission General Director of Publicity. Deputy Hou Jie, Shanghai University Turkey Research Center Director Guo Changgang, Huanqiu Portal General Manager Shan Chengbiao, Turkish Foreign Policy Research Institute President and METU International Relations Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Huseyin Bagci, İzmir University of Economics Institute, Founding Dean and Director of Sustainable Energy Department Dr. Mehmet Efe Biresselioğlu and various Chinese and Turkish think tanks and business representatives attended. 


The event, which focuses on two topics, “Green” and “Dream”, includes videos, interviews, research reports, etc. He showed the work of energy companies dealing with the low-carbon transition from different perspectives through various media and the stories of “Generation Z” chasing the dream. 

“Cooperation in green energy has great potential”

Speaking at the event, Undersecretary Qian Xinyi said that Turkey and China, which is the first state to sign an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation on “Construction of One Belt, One Road Together”, has great potential for cooperation in the fields of clean energy and green environmental protection, and that SPIC’s He stated that in will continue to play an important role in the effect of China-Turkey clean energy cooperation. 

Tayfun Kalkan, Director of the Beijing Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center, said that the event organized by SPIC focused the eyes of the two peoples on the global “climate change” problem by encouraging cultural exchange as well as strengthening the economic ties between the two countries, and this worries other countries. Kalkan stated that the “3060 double carbon target”, which is convenient for countries and China to create a consensus on green development for sustainable global development, is of great importance in terms of promoting China-Turkey cooperation in various fields.



“Very willing to continue with SPIC Turkey” 

SPIC Director Li Baoqing pointed out that both China and Turkey actively participate and contribute to international rules such as the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity. He said he shared common interests. Baoqing said, “Turkey and SPIC have complementary natural advantages and cooperation foundations in the field of energy. SPIC’s Hunutlu Power Plant Project and Turkey’s Adıyaman Photovoltaic Project, besides working towards the green and low-carbon transformation of energy, as well as protecting the ecological environment and local contributes to the promotion of employment. 

At the event, SPIC’s international affairs department and nuclear energy department, as well as representatives from Shanghai Electricity Authority, spoke to SPIC on issues such as the evolution of Turkey’s energy sector to a greener and low-carbon direction, protecting biodiversity, and increasing the exchange of China-Turkey nuclear energy technology and capabilities. introduced the effective experiences and practices of 

Professors Hüseyin Bağcı, Changgang Guo, Mehmet Efe Biresselioğlu and Chengbiao Shan, who took the floor at the event, also pointed out that the event focused on cultural exchange and green development between China and Turkey and provided a great benefit. They stated that in the future, China and Turkey are expected to cooperate more in the field of green energy, to continuously strengthen the cultural exchange between the two countries and to develop inter-people ties between the two countries. 

Photo awards distributed

At the event “Come on! The result of the “Green Futures” China and Turkey Generation Z Photography Contest was announced, and a total of 20 awards were given, including first, second, third and excellence awards for the subjects of Future Shining with Energy, Green Stamp, Colorful Culture, Environmental Protection. 

Hundreds of young people from China and Turkey captured the fascinating moments of change in the cultures of China and Turkey with the camera, and their 1018 works, which describe their understanding and perception of the value of green, started on November 9, “Come on! Green Futures” to the Generation Z Photography Contest in China and Turkey. The event also published in various languages, Strengthening Cooperation in the Development of Green Energy and Energy Industry, Example of National Energy Investments Projects in Turkey in the Context of “One Belt, One Road” and the Sustainable Development Practices Report of Chinese Enterprises in Turkey (2022).


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