Green and innovation hand in hand towards the future

Green and innovation hand in hand towards the future.


Maria Bianca Farina, president of ANIA, spoke at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome:

Insurance companies are investing to develop new solutions and service models that find an ever more decisive role in innovation to face the challenges of the present. This is a path that the sector has undertaken for years, investing along the entire value chain with important results.

By carrying out a careful analysis of innovation, we can start from what are today the most advanced data analytics techniques. These are used to have a greater risk estimation capacity. With innovation, needs relating to health and well-being can be covered. They are services related to care with the use of innovative devices for monitoring patients and sharing clinical data with telemedicine

There are also solutions for the field of climatic risks such as sensors and satellite technologies . A way to collect data and artificial intelligence to process them with prediction of the risk of extreme climatic events. The mobility sector is also creating ecosystems to provide more services. RCA coverage policies based on the customer’s driving style capable of stimulating virtuous behaviour.


Cyber ​​risk is added to the innovative areas with solutions for citizens and businesses. On the insurance front, there are also acceleration paths and partnerships with startups. Even direct investments up to the creation of venture capital funds to invest in sectors with high potential. Italy needs more protection and skills, also to manage risks on the part of citizens and businesses.


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