Greece launches rescue operation for 500-person migrant boat

The Search and Rescue Coordination Center of the Greek Maritime Ministry started a rescue operation after an emergency call made from the boat with approximately 500 immigrants off the island of Crete.

The Search And Rescue Coordination Center Of The Greek Maritime Ministry announced that an emergency call was made after midnight from a boat carrying about 500 immigrants off the Palaiochora region of Crete Island. In the statement made by the Greek Coast Guard, it was stated that other ships that noticed the boat also called for an emergency. The coast guard, which set up an emergency support desk, announced that the Greek Navy was also involved in the large-scale rescue operation. 3 boats, 2 cargo ships, 1 tanker, 2 foreign-flagged fishing boats and a navy frigate belonging to the Greek Navy were also sent to the region for the immigrants, who were learned to be trapped on the boat due to bad weather conditions.


In a statement made by the Meteorological Service Of the Athens National Observatory , it was stated that the western winds, which are effective in the region and reach 55 kilometers per hour, will increase their intensity. The Meteorological Service also stated that the rescue operation could be dangerous if it continues after 17:00 local time.


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